Aquamax – Hidrotintas: Synthetic Enamel Paint for painting wooden and metal doors

Aquamax – Hidrotintas: Synthetic Enamel Paint for painting wooden and metal doors


You soon realize that when you paint well, it’s either because the paint is of superior quality or because the painter is really a professional, right?

If you have the following questions regarding wood painting:

  • Paint for painting MDF wood

  • wood paint price

  • white wood paint

  • Paint color for painting wood

  • What paint to use to paint varnished wood.

If your answer is YES! You’re in the right place. Keep reading…

We know that there is a wide range of paints to paint wood or metal, however, do you know the best brand, finish or ideal color to use in painting?

Paint for painting wood: Spray, Synthetic Enamel, PVA Latex or Acrylic?

The first option used by less experienced painters is spray paint for wood. Spray or Aerosol paint is recommended for painting smooth surfaces and, despite appearing to be a difficult product to handle, it does not require much experience in the application, of course, as long as the Spray is a foot away from the object to be painted .

Spray Paint is also recommended for painting MDF wood, as it is a great option for painting smooth surfaces that require finer finishes.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that the right paint to paint wood or metal is synthetic enamel, whether it is water-based or solvent-based.

So, regardless of the product category, paint finish or brand of paint, the most correct way to paint wood is synthetic enamel.

If you don’t know, what paint to paint white wood is synthetic enamel? Synthetic enamel paint can paint different types of wood, and it can be water, oil or solvent based and its finish varies from matte, satin, semi-gloss to glossy.

The color of paint for painting wood is usually white or permanent white. In any case, that doesn’t mean you can’t paint a door or window another color.

If you do not like the color white, in this case, you can resort to the colors manipulated by the paint stores.

In most paint stores, shopkeepers or salespeople can create custom colors to suit your taste. To do this, just ask the seller to present you the paint bases, which can vary between PF M and T and depending on each of the bases, the price is cheaper or not!

And before you think: what paint to use to paint varnished wood? I will answer you!

I still say that synthetic enamel paint is the most used among painters to paint varnished wood. However, if the wood is in poor condition, you will need to prepare the surface before painting it.

So, don’t be happy to think that just apply paint on varnished wood and that’s it. Your problems are over! Definitely not.

First of all, the paint used to paint varnished wood is synthetic enamel and that no professional painter disputes!

Second, it is a fact that each painter works in the way he thinks is right, because wood paint can be water-based or solvent-based.

And it is precisely for this reason that a great question arises among the category of painters. Which is the next question: which ink line to use, water-based or solvent-based?

What synthetic enamel paint to use to paint wood? Water based or solvents?

I know though most painters have their preferences when it comes to synthetic enamel paint. Some prefer to use water-based synthetic enamel paint for wood and others prefer to work with a solvent-based one!

However, the right thing to do when painting doors and windows or similar items is to use water-based synthetic enamel paint with a satin or semi-gloss finish to paint wood and spray paint for metals.

Particularly, I think that each case deserves special attention, as each surface has an ideal paint to apply. So, in that sense, when it comes to painting wooden doors, the best synthetic enamel paint is water-based satin or semi-gloss.

unquestionably, satin or semi-gloss water-based synthetic enamel paint does not yellow and does not cause resin stains or similar residue.

In addition, water-based synthetic enamel paint, satin or semi-gloss, has high covering power and long durability and can be applied on several occasions, such as: on doors, windows, railings, gates and sheet metal.

Anyway, when it comes to painting doors and windows, many professionals say that there is no exact methodology for painting wood. Therefore, we can say that among the category of painters there are always differences in relation to synthetic enamel paint!

And this is indeed a question to be discussed for centuries of centuries among painting professionals.

But not only for painters, but also for consumers who want to learn about painting with synthetic enamel paint. After all, I know synthetic enamel paint so using it to paint doors and windows is always a good idea before buying!

Isto é, assim como os pintores mais experientes têm suas dúvidas constantes, provavelmente você também deve ter perguntas como estas mais abaixo:

  • Can I use spray paint for wood and forget about this question, my head spins just thinking about it?

  • Can I use craft paint to paint wood and leave this question to ENEM?

  • Is acrylic paint suitable for wood and makes my work easier?

  • And what about pva latex paint, can I use it to paint wood?

  • Paint for wooden furniture can be from the automotive line?

Bom, para todas as perguntas, na pintura de objetos de madeira, seja tinta para pintar porta de madeira, metal ou galvanizado, a esmalte sintético é a mais recomendada pelos pintores especialistas. No entanto, há casos, como no artesanato, em que é feita a pintura de madeira com tinta látex ou acrílica.

It seems like an unusual question, but in many cases where I was hired to paint doors, I have been asked: Can I paint wood with wall paint?

Well, if it’s for the purpose of more easily painting a door or window, yes. Because from this point of view, you don’t have to worry about the aesthetic part of the wood.

Now, if you don’t want to make a mistake in choosing the paint, the answer is NO! This is definitely not the correct way to paint wood.

And although some artisans use pva or acrylic latex paint to paint wooden furniture, they are not intended for lasting aesthetic purposes.

On the other hand, as a result of applying pva or acrylic latex paint to wood, resin stains and a yellowing effect may appear over the days, months or years.

Exactly, with the passage of time, the wood turns yellow and has resin stains that go beyond the layer of pva or acrylic latex paint.

And all this, due to not having used the correct paint for wood.

Do you want to know how I know this, even though I’m not a cabinetmaker who works exclusively with wood?

Or why do you need to use synthetic enamel paint to paint wood instead of pva or acrylic latex paint?

I know this well because like many old-timers – I wasn’t born yesterday in the world of painting either. And the questions you ask yourself today, I have already asked them for myself, literally!

But today, after having worked for more than 20 years with painting, I think I’m ready to know the answers about the best paint for wood painting!

I’m not telling you about my experience with synthetic enamel paint just by analogy. During my trajectory as a painter, I have painted several types of doors and windows, such as Paraná door, Venetians, worked, etc.

So, as you can imagine, I know ink in the details and I know the pros and cons of each product. As I mentioned before, there is no special paint for painting wood, but there is a synthetic enamel that can make a difference in painting!

In fact, truth be told, I have used a variety of enamel paints to paint doors and windows throughout my rise as a painter in the house painting industry.

Yup. I confess that I have used enamel paint from Coral, Suvinil, SherWin-williams, Fortex, among others.

But at this point, I’m not going to talk about each one of them here, who knows, maybe in another article I might ask them!

However, today I will only talk about a synthetic enamel paint that few painters know, and in fact, of all the paints I’ve used, none has compared to the paint that I consider the best for painting wood, at least from my point of view I see it that way. !

What kind of wood paint is this so special?

It ‘s called Aquamax and the paint brand is Hidrotintas , and the paint can be done on a silk base or a base with a mirror, matte or hyper gloss finish.

Aquamax – Hidrotins

Aquamax Hidrotins

Aquamax is an aqueous paint with great coverage, featuring fast drying, gloss and color inclusion.

Essential Composition: Product formulated in acrylic resin, natural tones, organic and inorganic pigments, added substances.

Surface preparation: To obtain the normal result, care must be taken before painting. The surface must be dry and clean of build-up, dust, parts free of grease and oil. Aluminum, Galvanized and Pvc: Remove build-up and sand until the shine is gone.

Wood: Sand the surface eliminating the splinters, then apply a layer of White Matt Hidrotintas Wood Leveling Fund. To repaint, sand the surface until it completely loses its shine.

Ferrous Metals: Before painting, sand the surface eliminating rust, then apply two layers of Hidrofer Fundo Anticorrosive.

Galvanized: Apply a base coat of Hidrotintas to Galvanized parts.

Application: Use a brush, compressor, foam roller or sheep’s wool. Normally, two coats are sufficient for a large area, however, depending on the condition of the surface and the color variety to be used, or if overcoating occurs, different coats may be essential to obtain a better result.

Extra tip: With the paint still inside the can, mix it well with a 5 cm mixer until completely homogenized.

DILUTION: Product ready for use, requiring only homogenization. Now, at the point where it’s vital for your paint job, thin it out with 10% consumable water to weaken the paint to the best consistency.


DRYING: To the touch: 30 minutes.

Between coats: 3 hours.

End: 5 hours.

Indication: Indicated for painting wooden, ferrous metal, galvanized, aluminum and pvc surfaces in external and internal conditions.

In view of the refreshed modifiers I’ve used to describe the latter option, it shouldn’t be anything unexpected for you that I took the opportunity to buy and try “reflective” in an interesting way.

Well, you must be wondering: Paint photographs don’t do this fairly.

I mean, the image above is of a very good quality synthetic enamel paint, but of course, you don’t get the luxurious effect by the force of imagination alone (which is particularly wonderful as opposed to the very matte paint you may have already used). on the walls someday).

This paint is so good, you can see the appearance of your door change from the very first application.

Essentially, I would say that Aquamax paint by Hidrotintas is without a doubt a water-based synthetic enamel that is easy to apply and its gloss and coverage is of high quality.

Aquamax ink is amazing and, surprisingly, I thank the chemical engineers at Hidrotintas! (This time, the guys got the paint composition right, and for that, I’m grateful to have met Aquamax! I’m very pleased!).

I love ecologically correct products, as well as Aquamax, because in fact, this paint was designed exclusively for painting doors and wooden or metal objects, and best of all, it is a paint that does not harm nature, the environment or the environment. people’s health.

Therefore, Hidrotintas is to be congratulated for having launched a product like Aquamax!

In the image below you can see how polished and thoughtful the conclusion is.

See how my fingers reflect in the ink? Wouldn’t they do that with semi-gloss paint, which is regularly used for interior and exterior entrances?

Aside from the fact that I took this paint job for a test drive on both sides of the front entrance, I’ve gradually been working on my strategy to get around the rest of the house, repainting the exterior entrances in general. Incidentally, after so much entry painting (I completed four entries and including in this equivalent tone with this equivalent item) I have many tips and tricks to share, plus a video of the cycle.

The recordings often seem to help me as I look for an instructional exercise on the web – and the best part is that it captures the glare at the entrance in a way that these photographs don’t fade to dull.

You can see the light shining on the right half of the entrance plate over the doorknob in the photo above, but again, the glow is a little lost in these photos, so be sure to watch the video. That’s where these entries really shine. Har.

There is actually a very exceptional brand of paint called Hidrotintas that costs R$80.00 to R$150 FOR A ROOM OF PAINT, which sounds crazy (is it made of GOLD?! surprising.

Very bright. I just wasn’t prepared to make it rain that much with my artistic creation spending plan, so I thought I’d try using a cheaper paint, which is essentially Hidrotintas’ interpretation of this equivalent look, and costs about R$74.00 a gallon of 3.6 liters.

Alright, so that’s why I love it. Now how about we get into how to apply it. I simply have to elongate something I said earlier, but I feel like I really want to say it one more time, with emphasis. 

Aquamax Hydrotins is really extraordinary. But still, you can destroy your artwork, so you need to do things the best way possible. Or, on the other hand, you won’t be as happy with the results as I am at the moment.

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