Acrylic Latex Paint: Coral Rende Muito Standard Matte

Acrylic Latex Paint: Coral Rende Muito Standard Matte

Today, we’re going to talk about Coral’s Tinta Rende Muito. Keep reading…

Coral Surrenders Very Standard

In fact, as the name says, this Ink Does A Lot!

Coral Rende Muito is a high consistency paint that takes into account a greater dilution than other traditional paints.
Coral Rende Muito is a Standard category paint, so you can dilute it with up to 80% water.
In addition to having a higher performance than other conventional paints, there are other attributes that make this paint one of the champions in terms of economy, second only to the Coralar line, which is in fact a darling of real estate painters, therefore, it is super reasonable.
Another important point is its finish, which in this case is matte, perfect for hiding surface imperfections.
In fact, Coral Rende Muito is a very concentrated paint and its presentation in the paint market is elite, so many painting professionals definitely know and trust it.

No wonder I chose to talk about this paint today!

The 20 liter bucket yields up to 555m2 per coat, because its innovation and concentration offers high coverage power, even with the weakening of half to 80% of water, for a composition with incredible inclusion and still has a low aroma.
Like many other paints on the market, Coral Rende Muito contains acrylic resins in its composition, which makes it very resistant to water and humidity, that is, it can be used in both internal and external wall painting.
Coral Yields Much is much more income with excellent coverage and can still be purchased in stores and distributors for the best cost/benefit ratio.

Now, remember…

During application or drying of the paint, always keep the climate ventilated in the property and please do not turn on the air conditioning.

drying time

  • On touch: 30min
  • Between coats: 4h Final: 4h.

Uso de EPI – Equipamento de Proteção Individual

  • É prescrito pelo fabricante de tinta o uso de luvas e óculos de segurança durante a pintura.
  • O pintor deve utilizar máscara para evitar inalar os resíduos da tinta e suas partículas.
  • Para mais dados, o fabricante da tinta (Coral) aconselha a ler a Ficha de Dados de Segurança (FISPQ)

Por hoje, isso é tudo. Até o próximo artigo…

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