Are PVA and acrylic latex paints different?

Are PVA and acrylic latex paints different?

Are PVA and acrylic latex paints different?

Do you know how to say: what is the best paint to use for interior painting? And then, painter, did you have a doubt: Acrylic latex paint or pva latex paint?

It sounds incredible, but most painters today, especially those who graduate prematurely from YouTube college, still can’t tell the difference between pva latex paint and acrylic paint!

Thinking about it, I decided to write this article to explain to the readers who follow me on this blog, that there are differences between pva and acrylic latex paint and only those who have experience know how to differentiate one from the other.

PVA paint has polyvinyl acetate in its composition, while acrylic paints are based on acrylic resin.

In other words, acrylic latex paint has in its composition: resin based on aqueous dispersion of acrylic and vinyl polymers, pigments free from heavy metals, inert fillers, glycols and ethoxylated and carboxylated surfactants, bactericide and fungicide based on isothiazolones.

PVA latex paint is a water-based paint. Like acrylic paint, it is produced with acrylic tar. In contrast to acrylic, it is recommended to use pva latex paint when painting larger regions. Not because it dries slower, but because it is usually purchased in larger quantities.

To learn more about the paints and their compositions, access the link:

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