Subscribe to Amazon Prime Video: 30 or 7 Days Free – Premiere GamesR.90/month

Subscribe to Amazon Prime Video: 30 or 7 Days Free – Premiere GamesR$59.90/month

Amazon Prime

You already know that Amazon Prime Video Channels is a streaming service that offers all Prime members a subscription to premium channels with no long-term commitments, all in one app.

You can subscribe to channels like STARZPLAY, Noggin, Paramount+, MGM and Looke for a very affordable price… By subscribing to the free trial period on one of the channels, you can enjoy it for 7 days without paying anything and you will receive a Subscription Bonus.

And now you can also enjoy your subscription and watch the new channel available on Prime Video Channels, Premiere.

Thus, you and football fans will be able to enjoy the main Brazilian championships for R$59.90 per month.

Take advantage of this opportunity and start watching the games with your favorite team.

Click here to access the Amazon website. Or through the link:


Watch state championship football matches and Brasileirão matches live

Price: R$59.90/month Link:  Paid subscription, no free trial period!

See also other subscription plans below:


Original series and hit moviesPrice: R$14.90/month Link: 7-day free trial


Hollywood hits, cult films and seriesPrice: R$14.90/month Link: Free 7-day trial!


Premium content focused on children’s education, developed by Nick Jr.Price: R$9.50/monthLink: Free 7-day trial!


Channel with a catalog with more than 6,000 series and movies.Price: R$16.90/month Link: Free 7-day trial!

love nature

Documentaries and television series related to wildlife, flora, fauna and naturePrice: R$9.90/month Link: Free 7-day trial !


Premium entertainment from major channels: MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount Channel, Nickelodeon and VH1Price: R$19.90/month Link: Free Trial of 7 days!

Amazon Prime Video 30 Days Free!

Get access to amazing series on  Prime Video  for  30 days freeEnjoy  30 days free . Then it’s only  R$9.90/month . And you can cancel whenever you want. Click the link:

Watch wherever you want, from anywhere

Have fun watching on your computer, tablet, cell phone, Smartphone and Smart-Tv and TVBox.

Download and watch offline on Amazon’s Prime Video App. Download series and movies straight to your Ipad, Iphone, Android and Fire device…

With low data usage, Amazon Prime Video is able to reduce and control when downloading and watching movies online on cell phones and tablets, among other operating devices, android and native.

Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Enjoy  Free  and Fast Shipping, with no minimum purchase amount, as many times as you want. For only R$9.90/month.  Unlimited Free Shipping  . Safe buy. Only R$9.90/Month. Free Trial   for  30 days . Subscribe Now. Options:  Prime  Reading,  Prime  Music,  Prime  Gaming.

Select FREE 30 Day Trial  …  FREE  and  FREE  Standard Delivery  Prime Video , Prime Music, Prime Gaming, Prime Reading and exclusive offers.

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Enjoy  FREE  and fast shipping, movies, series, …  30 day FREE  trial   …  Prime Video  is the only place where you can watch  Amazon  Originals like:

Prime Video TV shows

Prime Video TV shows

Programs / Prime Video

prime video tv shows series

The Best Movies and  Series  For You. Live an Incredible Experience. Amazon Originals. Get access to more benefits: Free Shipping on, Unlimited Music and more.

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Watch movies and  series  on or with the Prime Video  app   on iOS or Android phones and tablets and a selection of Smart TVs.

Attention: I don’t know how long the 30 days free offer on Amazon Prime Video will be valid, so take advantage of it!

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